Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Favorite: Pink hair!

If I could have any hair color in the world, I'd have a very light, cotton-candy pink. I'm not too sure how well that would compliment my skintone but boy oh boy, I'd jump at the chance! If I knew my hair wouldn't positively fall out and I wasn't a total wuss, I'd dye it this very instant. Instead, I shall live vicariously through others! Here's a collection of sweet candy haired ladies that I'm lovin!

(Sidenote: I told the girls at school yesterday that if I were to show up at our senior show with pink hair to just roll with it haha. Maybe I'll give it a shot after graduation... Meh. Give me your tips if you've got 'em! Can I even achieve something like that with my naturally dark hair?!) I'm not into the whole scenie-weenie bit of the first photo, but the first two are the *exact* shades I'd love to rock.

♥ (weheartit) ♥

You get the idea! Have you ever had pink hair? What about other colors? Would you do it again? And even better – Any of you had naturally dark hair like myself and went for a cotton candy color?!

I've found myself obsessing about my hair for far too long and I'm not even crazy about it! Everyone and their mother now has red hair. I didn't go red to "be different" but I've had it for a year and a half... I think it's time to put on some big girl pants and change! I'm so afraid of change but I think I'm ready to just throw that out the window! If it looks bad, well, I can always change it, right?! :)

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