Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY WEEK BEGINS! with Instax Ornaments!

instax ornaments

This is going to be the most simple and ridiculous DIY ever. In fact, it's simplicity barely warrants it to boast the title of a DIY. But it still does and it's a fabulous one at that. 

Basically, alll you need is: Instax Photos [or any instant photo], Ornament Hooks [purchased at Target for $2 per 100 count], and Scotch Tape!

Guess what you do now? Yep. You lay those bad boys [photos] face down, take a hook and tape that sucker right to the top center of the photo! Then you hang on your tree. and voila! The perfect use of Instax photos if you're like us [and by us I mean we have more than we know what to do with], and it's a great way to make your Christmas tree that much more special. We're in love with ours.

instax ornaments
instax ornaments
instax ornaments

Told you it was simple! 

Btw, this is our first Christmas tree together! We're starting a tradition where we buy one ornament every year which represents the year in review. Perfect considering our anniversary is at the beginning of December! I'm so very excited! [And I'll share it once we finally pick it out!]

Also- Show me your Christmas trees if you've got them up! Or any other awesome holiday decor regardless of your religion! I can't wait to see! [link me to a post in your blog below, or leave image links!]

Stay tuned this week for more fun and easy DIYs to add to your holiday cheer! xo

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