Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Currently Coveting: Black Milk Clothing

I'm crazy about these wild print leggings and one-piece body/swim suits by Black Milk Clothing. Granted I probably wouldn't wear any of them (I can't imagine they'd handle curves too well, though I may be surprised!), but I'd definitely buy the US of A bodysuit and the first Galaxy leggings!. Schhhwinngg! I love them so much. They've definitely got a price tag with them though! They look to be of rad quality, however, but one would only know if they snagged a pair. Check out their shop and blog!

(Sorry that first picture of the leggings is so pixelated! I LOVE those tights and I just hadddd to include them but I couldn't find a larger picture!)

Love them? Hate them? Which one is your favorite? And what would you wear them with?

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