Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

It's our favorite time of the week! Weddings, weddings galore!

I didn't have plans to include this first wedding, but upon falling in love with the silhouette of the bride's dress and the coral pop of the groom's tie, anddd the sweet little wagon wheel, I realized I couldn't pass it up! And check out that view! That backdrop is insane! Helllllo, Jackson Hole, Wyoming! (via OnceWed)

This next wedding stunned me with the gorgeously detailed dress and the contrast in the photos! I'm typically a "muted-pastel photo" kind of gal but these were done so beautifully. (via RuffledBlog)

It's no newsflash that I'm a fan of all things picnicky! My 22nd birthday was celebrated with my friends on a big picnic blanket in Pinkerton... and this sweet couple did the very same on their very very big day! (Actually, you'll see a silly, smooshed face down there and you'll know why I really chose this one!) (via RuffledBlog

This final ceremony pretty much speaks for itself. Even though it took place what seems to be a million miles away, it looks like it could have been photographed in my very own town. I love the scenery (and the grandma picture!) (via RuffledBlog)

And the Weekly Wedding Question! How do you feel about non-traditionally-colored dresses? I'm not meaning ivory either. I mean pale pink and silver and lavender. Heck, even red! They're not overly common, but they're also not non-existant! I've seen some beautifully designed pale pink ones and I'm curious to hear your opinions! Heck, while we're on the subject, do you prefer stark white or a more antique ivory?

My opinion: I'm not a white gal. No stark white for me! I love love love all things ivory/cream so I've always thought I'd go that route. I guess time will tell! 

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