Friday, October 8, 2010

Outfit Post : Friday, October 8

Mike and I are about to leave for Oktoberfest in my hometown! We woke up super early on a day we both had off but we hope it will be oh so worth it! I don't know if we'll be staying in Hohenwald until I go to work tonight or if we'll venture back home. If we come home, I'll try to shoot some of the stuff we found (provided we find any!). If not, I promise to get on top of it tomorrow!

Also -- if you're still wondering about the Huge Handmade giveaway, don't worry! It's still coming! It might be next weekend before we post it but it'll be up soon! We're waiting on one person who just had her basement flood so she's trying to remake/organize everything. How could I say no to someone who is a victim of flood damage? Ya know? The stuff is great and someone is going to be a lucky, lucky lady! 

Anywhoo - here is an outfit to hold you over.

red shirt: miley & max ($12), dress: macy's ($44), tights; target ($12), flats: ($13)

The shirt didn't last too long as I wasn't sure if I liked it with the dress or not. There were an awful lot of rufflles going on. Anywhoo, we've got some thrifting to do!

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