Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sneak Peek at Oktoberfest Haul + New Etsy Shop!

I know I've been promising in-depth photos of Oktoberfest in all of it's glory, but time just has not permitted such things. Well, time and the weather... A huge storm blew in on Tuesday when I wanted to take the photos.... they WILL be happening tomorrow though. So, until then, you get a few small sneaky-peekies and a first-hand shot of some things that will be going up on Etsy! (I'm trying to decide whether to make a new Etsy all together for these things, or just add them into my pre-existing shop.... Etsy sellers- what is your take on having multiple shops? Do you find it to be beneficial or just a hassel?

Thrifted at Oktoberfest: The orange television (it works!), all the cameras up top (sans the Instax 210), and the cameras over to the side! Also- the 1983 Tennessee license plate. 

and 4 big ol' boxes of owl memorabilia! (This is what will be going up on Etsy soon! I love all of the little pieces but we risk looking like we live in a residential Goodwill if I keep them all!)

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