Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unintentionally American

I was feeling festive yesterday. Apparently. I am no stranger to red, white + blue combinations and this one is no exception. Sometimes they have an Americana feel, sometimes they're straight up nautical. I haven't decided which one this is more of (maybe nautical because of the hint of gold in the accessories?!) Who knows. One thing is for certain though: I am wearing the cutest cardigan ever! I hate that we forgot to get a detail shot of it, but I really haven't taken it off since I received it on Saturday. I guess forgetting to photograph it is a good excuse to wear it again really really soon! This is the cardigan and holy cute right?! The little swan and bows and lace. I die! It's also a fantastic weight. I've been having issues with cardigans lately. I know it's probably because it's like 100+ degrees outside, but all of the ones for sale now are this lightweight stretchy fabric... no no no! I like my cardigans of medium weight and thickness so I can wear them year-round and they don't stretch out awkwardly. That's why I'll probably go back and buy a replacement of this one just to have it for when I (undoubtedly) wear it to shreds. (Seriously. Have you felt the Target cardigans lately?! I want to go back to the ones they had last year with the ruffles! C'mon!)

This bright red dress is the sister dress to the one in this outfit post! Yes, when I say I buy multiples (in quantity and color) of the things I like, I'm really not kidding. It's a lightweight dress but the bottom has some sort of structure about it that I can't quite put my finger on. It keeps it held down when a gust of wind comes, but I don't feel like I'm dying under fabric in the Nashville summer. Paired with the same thrifted belt and my new limited-edition Betsey Johnson bag I snagged on Ideeli last week... win! This is also the first time I've worn these Blowfish shoes! These are the Romans and I've had them for months! Probably like.. 4 months now? I just haven't found the perfect outfit for them. Voila! 

Today is a day of productivity! I'm already eyeball deep in an over the top girly blog design (so fun! I love doing stuff like this!) and I'll be launching the first set of fabric bows on Hive + Honey! I'm editing photos for the closet part of our loft tour (eeeeek! It's almost my dream closet!), and then I'm mailing off H+H packages! Oh, and my bike gets delivered today! Hooray Tuesday! 

Motel "Franchesca" dress c/o Love Clothing (just got marked down on sale!)
Swan Striped cardigan c/o Love Clothing (also just got marked down on sale!)
Golden Arch necklace c/o Little Pancakes
Thrifted white belt
Betsey Johnson tote via Ideeli
Hive + Honey fascinator
Rescue wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes

PS; Last day to vote for me in the three categories of the AE contest! (Some dude just blew up from like 3rd place by getting 200+ votes overnight. Boo!) ONE // TWO // THREE. Thank you to everyone who has voted so far. It means a lot to me and I hope that if I'm lucky enough to make it to the finals then you'll stick beside me once more! The cash prize could do so many wonderful things for my dream business! xo

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