Friday, July 1, 2011

Lavender and Lace

These photos were shot down the street from Chris and Susannah's house. They live just off of a lake and this pier was a nice spot for photos at dusk. We were swarmed with mosquitos though! Also everyone in the neighborhood was watching us! I'm slowly but surely getting more accustomed to strangers staring as I pose for outfit photos. No big deal. I just need to whip up some bloggy business cards so it's not in vain, right?! Right!

I picked up this dress on our way up to Chicago on Thursday. We stopped at our little "halfway" point which was Indianapolis. I had never been so we made our way to Circle Centre Mall and popped around some stores. We were in H&M where I snagged some pretty things on super super super clearance and this dress in purple (and ivory!). While there I was greeted by a sweet gal named Emily! Emily works at H&M and I think the run-in was so awkward on both ends for us, but it ended up being a great laugh and we conversed with her for a little while before departing. (She recently got engaged, too, so congrats to Emily!). We tried meeting up with her on our way back through on Monday but no such luck! 

It was strange to wear tights in almost-July! It was a welcome change from the 98 degree heat of Nashville however. I find myself wishing for winter when I spent the whole season dying for summer! Seems we're never really content! Maybe if it was Autumn year round? Pretty leaves please!

The fine folks over at MTV blogged my lil' Navajo Native outfit yesterday so mega thanks for their super sweet words! It was such a pleasant surprise to be told about it! 

Happy July, everyone! Please take a moment to check out the newest sponsors over on the sidebar! They're kinda fabulous! (It's not too late to get in on the action! I accept sponsors through the entire month and they'll run for 30 days so just email me!)

H&M dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Target tights
Blowfish flats
Michael Kors Gansevoort bag gifted from Mike

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