Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Here's your weekly dose of all that is awesome! I think it's a fun little list if I do say so myself!

these hilarious dog portraits! ♥

♥ this bacon taped cat! ♥

♥ this gif of miss swan (and everything else madtv)♥
(i love watching old episodes online while i work!)

this bright room! that natural lie is amazing!♥

♥ this sweet baby koala ♥

♥ this was my favorite part of horrible bosses! ♥
(i really really love charlie day!)

♥ this image and all thing pendleton ♥

♥ this is impossible not to laugh at! ♥

♥ this & everything auto-correct! ♥

♥ the wisest of words. ♥

Things I'm loving offline: hanging out non-stop with our new Minnesota friends, planning and preparing for Sunday's Shark Week party, getting to see my soon to be sister-in-law Maggie who is in for a few weeks from Paris!, my mom is getting married today! (eek! they opted for a tiny ceremony instead of a big wedding), I'm going back bright red (I hope! haha)! (I say this as I sit here with blonde/yellow/orange/red/auburn/brown hair from root to tip!), my new bike Bernice, non-stop puppy kisses and puppy-park dates, freezepops!

What are you loving this week?!

PS; As always, I unfortunately do not have the original source for the above images unless they are linked in the "this" part! If you know where the original image came from, please feel free to chime in below so I can give proper credit! xo

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