Friday, July 29, 2011

Loft Tour: KB's Wardrobe

Two weeks ago I shared a little tour of my workspace! It's definitely where I spend most of my time at home. However, there is a space in our little home that I love most of all. My wardrobe. When we moved into our loft we were sort of bummed about the lack of storage space (read: no closet). The gal who lived here before us had fashioned a few rickity shelves in the laundry room (which we use as a pantry/craft storage), but they weren't really useful. We have a huge white brick wall running the length of our loft and not enough furniture to put there so there was a huge area that just looked oddly open. That's when my step-dad suggested we hang chain from the rafters and make a swaying wardrobe. Genius! Mike and I high-tailed it straight to Lowe's to purchase industrial strength chain and 1" pipe. It was a labor of love but I couldn't be happier! Not only do I get a fully functional (and huge!) "closet", but it also serves as a decorative feature with all of the colors and patterns. The chains and pipe fit the industrial feel of our home, but the clothing fits my personality. The perfect combination! (Also, I'm totally one of those girls that If I can't see it, I won't wear it. So this works out so nicely!) 

The white storage cubes are from Walmart. The tall ones are 2 of the 3-cubby stacking shelves (8 total), and the shoe racks at the bottom are just that. (The horizontal shelves tend to buckle in the middle though! As you can see, I'm sure!). I love being able to display my little collection of clothing in our home because it's definitely a collection I've worked at accumulating over the years. Since I only own dresses and cardigans/jackets, they fit really well. My belts are in the bathroom and my tights are in a drawer. Win/win! I think the swaying wardrobe was such a genius idea and it's almost my dream closet! It's a piece of this loft that I will want to take with me to absolutely every new home we have (but it'll probably be impossible.) I'm just going to enjoy it for as long as possible! 

You'll be able to see more photos on Moorea's blog next week! Thanks for stopping by my space!

How do you store/organize your clothing? Are you a "all items turned one way, in a certain order" kinda gal? I am!

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