Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home Sweetheart Home

Sweet little abandoned peach house. Smack in the middle of Lawrenceburg's historic downtown. We shot these on Father's Day (heyyyo!) and couldn't pass up the sweet little shack. My heart cardi is a bit dingy, I feel. Maybe it's due to the fact I can't keep anything white for very long. Yeeeesh. And I promise that this little white thrifted belt isn't the only belt I wear. I mean, I'm wearing it right now, but whatever ;) I misplaced my other favorite white thrifted belt so this will have to satisfy all of my needs. It's very rare that I don't wear a belt over my dress so you'll just have to get used to it! 

Luckily Mike is off of work today so we're going to spend the day thrifting, going for sushi (yum!) and just enjoying each other's company. So very much to do in the next few days so I'm trying to get in some quality time while I can since I know we'll both be hard at work for a bit! I'm working on several posts to schedule up including my business plan for my little shoppe, wig/hair/makeup posts and videos, and maybe even an update to Kaelah's Closet?! Thinking about doing a little home tour (finally!) but still have to figure out which format will work better in video vs. photo. The lighting is so so poor in our loft but we'll make it work! 

Happy weekend, honeybees! Hope it's absolutely magical! xo

BeBop dress via Ross
Forever 21 cardigan
Thrifted belt
H&M bike shorts
Charlotte Russe flats via Goodwill

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