Thursday, July 28, 2011


Introducing the newest addition to our household, my little 3-speed Dutchie, Bernice! I built and ordered her from Republic Bike last week and she was delivered on Wednesday. I threw (read: fought with and eventually somehow shoved) the box into my Xterra and took it to Mike's work so he could put it together for me. Perks of having a bike mechanic fiance! I took her for her first ride yesterday... to the post office. It was downhill the whole way and I only realized the trouble that laid ahead on my way down. Luckily Mike convinced me to go the slightly more expensive route and get a 3-speed. I would've died if it hadn't been for that! 

She's flamingo (but really more of a sherbert. and wayyy brighter than they'd have you think!) with cream tires, white vinyl skirt and chain casing. Brown leather grips and vintage styled seat. I ordered a basket for her already! She has a front and rear rack (snazzy!) and a pearl bell! I'm in all sorts of love with her. The plan is to have her sort of match with the camper we end up getting! I say sort of because the bike is so blindingly bright... I'm going to go a slightly more subtle route with the Shasta!

Who in Nashville has a bike and wants to start a bike gang?! Yes? Yes! 

Do you have a bike? Did you name it? (If so, what?!) Where's your favorite place to ride it? xo

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