Monday, July 25, 2011

Surprise Date Night!

Mike had left for work yesterday morning after making sure that I knew to be dressed and ready at 6:30pm when he got home from work. It was date night. He gave me no heads up on what we were doing or where we were going, or even what to wear. He just said be ready and I'll see you then. I spent the day working on designs and responding to emails before finally finding the motivation to get up, get ready, and get dressed. I opted for a caramel floral dress, grey cardi, my brown waffleweave jeffrey campbell litas, and my new (huge!) Betsey Johnson bag. I was ready. 

I was going through my email when I heard a knock at the door. The girls got all excited and were barking like mad. I picked up Pip (she'll dart down the hall!) and went to open the door. All I could think was "Who is knocking at 6pm on a Sunday?!" I opened the door to find the most dapper fella standing on the other side. Grey blazer, white dress shirt, hat, dark jeans and even some brown loafers. And he had roses in his hand! Eep! He said he was here to pick me up for our date. I die! Maybe I'm biased but my heart melted and I felt like that was the sweetest thing ever! I mean, he knocked!! At our own house! Love!

I grabbed my purse, gave him a kiss and off we went! He said the dinner plans had been foiled as the restaurant he had planned on taking me to was closed on Sunday. Instead we opted for a little sit-down restaurant in Mt. Juliet on our way East. He never let on to what we were doing but about an hour later we are driving in the middle of absolutely nowhere and I start to get an idea. I didn't share the idea because I thought he'd think it was silly if I were wrong, but sure enough we pull into a sweet little drive-in theater! Double feature, please! We settled in to watch Harry Potter (so good!) and Horrible Bosses (so funny!). 

He had planned it all on his own and best of all, he kept it a secret! I have a tendency to figure out what he's scheming so I tried really hard not to this time around! It was such a wonderful date and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Isn't he the best?! xo

PS; I had to do the picture below to assure people that we hadn't just gotten engaged! I guess the 2nd picture up there hints of it but I'm assuming these people weren't aware that we got engaged in March! hehe That picture is the lock screen on my iPhone! I love it (thanks to Susannah and Chris for snapping it!)

PPS; I feel bad for basically begging for votes but I had a look-see through the AE rules and prizes and get this... If I'm in first place tomorrow at midnight then I'm automatically in the final 4. If I win the final round then I'll get $3,000 to put toward my small business dreams! AKA my mobile shoppe! AKA I wanna come visit you with it! This would mean I wouldn't have to take out a small business loan! It could speed things up like no other... so with that, I beg of you.. please throw a vote or two my way! If you could share it with your friends I'd be infinitely grateful! I don't even care about the campaign part... not having to rely on my credit or anyone else for funds to start my business would be amazing! Here are my three entries: ONE // TWO // THREE! (If you go to the LCH Facebook page, you can just click "SHARE" underneath the post and share with your friends! <3)

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