Saturday, July 16, 2011

Behind the Scenes: iPhone Edition

I thought it was prime time to get some photos off of my phone and share on the blog. You might remember that I left my iPhone 4 out in the rain a few weeks ago... ha. Well I got a new white one and I never realized how many pictures I take with that thing daily! I'm about to sync it up (finally!) with my iTunes to get all of my old pictures back, but felt it might be beneficial to go ahead and go through these and share some! If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram (kaelahbee) or Tumblr then you might have seen a handful of these. Either way, I hope you enjoy! 

001. me and mike. 002. lazy, lazy pups. 003. really lazy pups. 004. cave city pit stop in kentucky. 005. what i wore on chicago roadtrip day 1. 006. trying on dresses in forever 21 (i didn't buy it). 007. trying on dresses in h&m (i totally bought it! how cute!) also met emily, the cutest blog reader ever, here!

008. i spent most of my time with my feet on the dash (this terrifies mike for if we have an accident). 009. cloudy cloudy chicago. 010. this was the exact moment we realized we felt right at home as though we were back in nyc. 011. crisp blue skies by the time we managed to park (took forever!) 012. cuuute thermos i picked up at an antique mall in volo 013. woodfield mall (? i think). holy huge mall! (and i got to meet another super sweet blog reader here! hi sydney! sorry if i was awkward!) 014. fun studded clutch i picked up in chicago for a night ~out on the town in wauconda



015. new old ladies at the local dive. yum! 016. susannah modeling the "hog" that i road that night (at like 3am). 017. chris airing up the tires for our late night bike ride. 018. spotting the you are beautiful project on the streets of chicago in bucktown (i covered wilmington in the same stickers!) 019. windturbine farms in indiana on the drive home (we became fascinated and proceeded to google these things the whole way home!) 020. our sweet city's skyline! it's never looked so nice. (see the little smokestack in the last 1/5 of the picture on the right? that's where we live!) 021. my sweet girl on her way home from nana's. i've never been so happy to see that face before!

Thanks for humoring me while I dumped all of these photos out! I'll be back tomorrow with another round! I know, kill me now! ;) Happy Saturday, honeybees! xo

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