Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pipkin LaRue!

Today my sweet littlest pup turns one year old! Our lives have changed so very much since bringing her home in September, that's for sure! She entertains Georgia and keeps her happy. She provides endless amusement for me and Mike. She is hands down the best cuddle-pup in the whole wide world! She may do things like tear toilet paper to shreds (daily!), but our family dynamic wouldn't be the same without her.

Happy birthday, my lil' croissant!

If you're interested in how Pip came to be and where we got her name, check out this post! And a few more for good measure: adorable Pip photos (at the end!), Our two girls together (look at how much she's grown!), and that one scary time where we almost lost her. She's such a blessing! xo

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