Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Giveaway: Jensen Turntable!

Up for grabs this month is a Jensen wooden turntable! Okay, so it's a bit different from the recent giveaways right? Well, Mike recently bought a record player and I was all skeptical and nay-saying, trying to talk him out of it. Honestly, vinyl and a record player just seemed like more things for us to collect, pile up, spend money on, etc. I was not having it. He ended up finding a refurbished turntable for a decent price, and went on to thrift some speakers and buy a receiver from Craigslist. Okay, well, at least he didn't spend a ton of money right?! All of my nay-saying aside, I love it. Maybe I'm just falling into that cliche vinyl-loving hipster rut or something but I like having records playing at home. It's nice to listen to music without it skipping (like my computer does when I'm trying to listen to music and design at the same time. No bueno!) So here I admit... I like having a record player. I like thrifting random records with funny covers and coming home to realize they're actually really great jazz records. I promise to never turn into one of those uppity vinyl types though. But onto the important bit... I thought it'd be fun to switch it up and offer a turntable for grabs! Finding a reasonably priced one with built in speakers was kind of tough. Mike's doesn't have speakers so he had to have a receiver and the whole nine yards. I didn't want to put the winner through any of that so when we found this Jensen via Urban Outfitters for under $100, we were stoked! (Click here if you want to check out the specs! Or buy it yourself!) And now it gets to be won by one of YOU! Hooray!

All you have to do to enter is:
Be a follower of this blog with Google Friend Connect! And tell me your favorite album that you'd love to play on vinyl! (Click "Follow" in the upper nav bar and follow with Google/Blogger, Twitter, Yahoo, or Aim!) Be sure to leave your email address (or Twitter username. This is just one entry!) You must do this entry first to be eligible for additional entries!

To gain additional entries you can: 
(1) blog (or Tumblr!) about the giveaway and include a link,
(2) tweet about the giveaway by using the tweet shown below,
*If you tweet about the giveaway, please use this tweet: Up for grabs on the @kaelahbee blog is a sweet Jensen record player! Enter to win here:
(3) update your status on Facebook *with this link to the giveaway: * 
(4) "Like" Little Chief Honeybee on Facebook!
(5) "Like" Honeybean Mobile Boutique on Facebook!

Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry and leave the link to each one! Overall that's SIX ways to win! 

A winner will be announced at the end of the month! Good luck! (Don't worry, there will still be other sponsored giveaways going on in the time being!) And there are no location restrictions on this giveaway! You are free to enter from anywhere in the world!

Congratulations to Comment #14 Meg @ The Kissy Pearl for winning the Paper Mama portrait giveaway! And congratulations to Comment #998 Eleanor (Rigby) for winning the August Lomo "I Love U" Fisheye giveaway!

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