Sunday, August 28, 2011


I got some glasses the other day. Yep. (Interesting fact: I'm blind in my left eye. Prescription lenses don't help but I couldn't pass these cute frames up!) They're Derek Cardigan frames and they're brown but fade to pink. How perfect! My two favorite colors! Susannah blogged about hers (which are exactly the same, except black. I like to jock her style.) and I wanted them badly! They're from Coastal Contacts and they regularly do a deal where they give away thousands of free glasses if you 'Like' them on Facebook or whatever. Seriously. (In fact, we ordered Mike a pair and I also ordered my second pair!). Kind of awesome! 

They're silly and perfect in every way! I've always thought glasses were awesome.

Do you wear glasses?(Another fun fact: I used to have some *serious* coke bottle glasses when I was younger. I also used to have to wear an eye patch several hours a day! Okay, fun fact sharing time is over :P)

PS; Honeybean is home! We're doing some revamping on her (read: tearing out the current garment rack and installing our own) but she'll be ready to share soon!

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