Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunbaked Clay

This outfit is from about two months ago (don't hate me!) but I never got around to posting it. It was a Kaelah's Closet dress that I had never worn before so I decided to give it a little twirl. The title of the outfit isn't so much related to the outfit itself, but instead to my obviously melting face! Gah, makeup is so not Southern-summer appropriate! Oh well, at least I can have a sense of humor about it I guess!

We've gone out to take outfit pictures for the past few days but the mosquitos are insane in our yard and we haven't found time to venture elsewhere. I'm going to reshoot an outfit that I've been wearing *all* weekend and then share it on here. Style blogging is weird, isn't it?!

Not much to report from my end of the world. We tore out Honeybean's garment rack and built a new one (much like the one in our loft! Sans the chains). We're very happy with it. Yesterday we painted the shelf above it and now it's finished! Just gotta clean it up and finish putting everything in it. I want to take some good styled photos of it before I share it but I just don't know if/when we'll have time! Mike works a lot this week and we just found out that my (second) favorite band in the whole wide world, Pearl and the Beard, is playing at 3rd and Lindsley Thursday night so we'll be out for that. Life never wants to slow down!

We're so happy to have her home and we even got some "thumbs up" on the interstate driving home! She's fancy and we love her! Honeybean is now on Facebook, too! (I'm working on designing a website/blog for her!) Would you mind popping over and clicking "Like" to stay updated on her adventures and events?! I'd really appreciate it! CLICK HERE to "Like" her! Happy Tuesday!

Target dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Charlotte Russe shoes via Goodwill

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