Thursday, August 25, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Hey 'bees! Happy happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by for the latest edition of TiLT! Hopefully you'll like everything I picked for the world wide interwebz! Enjoy!

♥ this perfect statement. ♥

this amazing dress! haha ♥

♥ these super cute cupcakes ♥

♥ this dreamy kitchen! ♥

♥ this salon would be the only place i got my hair done ♥

♥ this show is all sorts of ridiculous ♥
(and makes me slightly sad for humanity)

♥ cutest baby costume ever? perhaps! ♥

♥ the new JC Lita Spike! determined to get a pair! ♥

the prettiest flowers ♥

♥ this silly gif! ♥

lush's shark fin soap ♥
(100% of the proceeds go to help ban shark finning! yay!)

Other rad things this week: Today is the last day to vote for the AE contest that I'm in... It's a longshot that I'll win since I'm up against some ~Tumblr famuz people but I'd appreciate any and all votes! (You can check out this post for more info!) or just CLICK HERE and vote for Rockstar, Hipster and Artist! ♥ ♥ counting down the hours until we can pick up the honeybean! (and being so so curious as to what it will look like!) ♥ ♥ the excitement of wrapping up a design project ♥ ♥ exactly two weeks (!!!) until we head back up to chicago to see chris and susannah (and enjoy renegade craft festival!) ♥ ♥ my new glasses ♥ ♥ being this close to fulfilling a dream!

What are you loving this week?!

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