Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ruffled Sage

This week has been the most whirlwind week of my life. Between tons of design commissions, things related to the camper/business, hanging out with friends and making time to spend with Mike, I've been swamped. I love weeks like that though! Wednesday night Mike and I went bowling in Franklin with Christina and Brian. We've been spending a ton of time with those two and it's been a lot of fun. My wrist still hurts from 4 hours of bowling! Yesterday Mike and I woke up and drove a few hours north to the people who are doing the camper renovations for us and we looked at a few others available. We opted to go for a Yellowstone instead of a Shasta. A rectangular body instead of teardrop. I hope it turns out like we're wishing! We could have it as early as the end of this week but we're trying to not get our hopes up. 

This was an outfit we shot on Friday. This little location is darling and it's just on the other side of a fence from our building. This chiffon dress was sent to me by AX Paris. I got a little ballsy and wore it without tights (I still wore my bike shorts!) but it's a bit short on me so I'll probably get a ton more wear out of it once tights make their way back into my wardrobe. I've worn my Blowfish flats to absolute death but I still refuse to part with them. I think the sage and ivory color palette really work well together. I'm loving me some neutrals lately! I'm tellin ya, it's that Autumn fever I've got!

Today we're loading up and heading East with Brian and Christina (again!) to go to the World's Longest Yard Sale. Apparently it goes from Gadsden, Alabama all the way to Ohio (one website says Michigan!) Either way, we're going to head to the part here in Tennessee and hopefully find some awesome stuff. It's the last day of the annual 4-day event so it might be rather picked over, but I can't justify skipping it! Wish us luck! xo

Target cardigan
Hive + Honey bow headband
Blowfish flats

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