Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I'm so overjoyed by how happy y'all were about the return of Wedding Wednesday! You never cease to warm my heart! Now this week's WW is totally breaking all of my typical posting rules. I don't like to post weddings that have recently been featured on big wedding blogs because it's just recycled material and I don't want you to be bombarded with it fifteen times over... but this week I made an exception! You know how I said I'm probably maybe definitely going to wear a cardigan on my big day?! Well... so did this bride! And all of her bridesmaids! She didn't wear it during the actual ceremony, but look how darling they all look in these photos! I die! I think cardigans instantly class up any outfit and for a wedding they just add a sweet dose of casual (which I totally am!). Enjoy the pretty photos below!

This wonderful wedding was shot by Amanda K Photography and originally featured on LoveAndLavender! Additional photos courtesy of AmandaK's blog!

What are your thoughts on cardigans at a wedding (for the bride/bridesmaids)? Fun for some? Not for you? Totally rad? ;)

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