Thursday, August 25, 2011

Say Hello To Our August Sponsors!

It's that time of month... the time where I share some of my fabulous sponsors who have been gracious enough to support LCH and my Honeybean Dream. Enjoy! xo

to make love stay // happy serendipity
pearls, lace and ruffles // YOU?!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Little Chief Honeybee please visit THIS page and check out the traffic/stats, perks and instructions! Feel free to email me at kaelahbee at gmail dot com with any questions you may have. Sponsor spots now have a lower rate! September will be a fun month on LCH: roadtrip to Chicago to see our best friends, visit Renegade Craft Fair, meet lots of people (!!!), hopefully nail down our wedding date (!!!), open up Honeybean Mobile Boutique (!!!!!!!!!!), and continue to live our days filled with love and laughter! Hope you'll be part of our journey! xo

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