Friday, September 2, 2011

Say Hello to Honeybean!

Today is the day, friends! We're so excited to finally unveil what all of our hard work and our dreams! We took the 'bean out for a spin today. It was the first time loading her up and towing her around by our lonesome. We ended up at Percy Warner Park in Belle Meade where we shot a few photos of her. Below I'll share those photos along with the before and afters! We don't have any current interior shots with her all stocked up (except the iPhone 4 ones I'll include) but we ripped out the garment rack she came with and built our own with industrial pipe and flanges. It now holds about 15x the weight and she's as sturdy as ever! (Sadly today we were on the interstate and a tractor trailer blew a tire and it hit Honeybean. We didn't think it did but we got home to find a hefty dent. Luckily it's nothing we can't probably fix ourselves and it doesn't have any effect on the tow or the inside!) We love her so!

Meet our 1968 Yellowstone camper... Bernadette!

To familiarize yourself with the transformation, here is what she started off looking like! And peep some in-progress shots and the final bits! Isn't she marvelous?!

(we got a new air conditioner too!)
(everything in the above two photos was thrifted by Sherry, the lovely woman who did the restorations! She had it stocked for me when we picked it up! Isn't that sweet?! Restorations were done by Fine Designs Camper Sales in Kentucky!)
(I think we're going to recover the cushions to a slightly more neutral color. Not sure what yet!)

We love Bernadette so so very much! Our hearts have never felt so full! We've been hard at work stocking her inside and out and we can't wait to find the perfect location to have the Grand Opening party! Thank you all SO much for being part of our dream! We couldn't do it without you!

To celebrate, we're offering 35% OFF OUR ENTIRE HIVE + HONEY LINE! Just use the code HONEYBEAN and you'll be good to go! Feel free to visit Hive + Honey to stock up on pretty handmade things! H+H will be stocked in Honeybean along with tons of other awesome things!

If you're awaiting a response from me about being a Honeybean designer, please hold tight! Hoping to filter through several of the 125+ emails in my inbox! You are all SO talented! I wish we could stock all of you!

What do you think!? Do you love her as much as we do?!

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