Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, it is!

Today I woke up and was unaware the I missed fall registration for classes, luckily my final semester at O'More has been planned out since my sophomore year so it wasn't even necessary that I show up. I was surprised to learn I only have to take 4 classes, so I was offered Advanced Print Design 3, which I went ahead and signed up for. If my classes prove to be difficult, I'll just drop it since I don't need it to graduate. I went to Portfolio class for our final meeting. Huzzah! My final portfolio is due next Thursday at 1pm. Phew! I need to churn out the good stuff!

After class I ventured to Panera for a bit to work on some stuff, but as per usual I accomplished nothing. After some yummy black bean soup, I headed home to relax in the hammock with my computer. Again, here, I accomplished little to nothing.

Mike took some outfit photos of me this morning before I had to jet off. He just got home (SunDrop in tow!) and he's making dinner. I hate that he worked all day and now he comes home to cook. I should have done it but we didn't have the stuff and I wasn't in proper attire to run to the store (I've been treating my hair all day haha). I've managed to watch 5 episodes of Felicity. So good!

Oh, speaking of seasons and tv shows... we watched the final 2 episodes of Dexter season 4 last night. I was prepared for something big... something huge... BUT I WAS NOTTTT PREPARED FOR THAT! Best season finale on any tv show I've ever seen. I cannot believe that happened. I'm going to have to find some way to procure Showtime when it returns!

Anyway, here are some photos...

{Outfit Details : 4.20.2010}
{Dress: Charlotte Russe $28}
{Ruffle Shirt: WalMart (Miley & Max) $12}
{Tights: Target $7}
{Oxford Heels: I have no clue}
{Belt: Forever 21 $8}

The dress was an exciting find at Charlotte Russe. It's a bit big because the elastic in the waist but I love the 90's vibe of the light denim and the slight white floral pattern. I had fun pairing it with this silly Miley Cyrus shirt (from WalMart! Score!)

Anywhoo, time to eat some veggies & pasta while we (read: I) watch more Felicity. Oh Ben Covington (Scott Speedman), You are dreamy!


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