Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Favorite: (Great White) SHARKS!

I'm a huge huge fan of sharks, as most of you all know by now. I'm not sure exactly where my fascination stemmed from, but I'm glad I have it. Luckily, my BFF/Roommate Bryan also loves sharks... He let me borrow this awesome Sharks & Rays book he just got from Borders. So excited! I've got Shark Week on DVD, and when that time of year rolls around, I venture to my parents' house (they have cable; i don't ha!) and I stay glued to the tv for an entire week.

I live and breathe sharks.

and unfortunately, over 100 of the 370+ species of shark will be extinct by the year 2017. That's only 7 years away! They're being pulled up from the ocean, having their fins sawed off, and then they're thrown back overboard to let sink in the depths like a torpedo. All for Shark Fin Soup. If we eliminate the need/desire for Shark Fin Soup, we can continue to live with these glorious creatures, study them, and figure out exactly what makes the tick. It's times like this I wish I had gone to school for Marine Biology.

But everyone can help. CLICK HERE to visit SharkTrust and adopt a shark! You can choose Cut-Tail, the Great White, or you can choose a Basking Shark. Every little bit helps!

Now, here's a bunch of photos!

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