Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help Save Walter!


Gala Darling posted a link in her weekly link roundup to the blog of a sweet little dog named Walter. Turns out Walter was found in Brooklyn after being thrown from a car window and abandoned. Not only had he suffered injury, he also has a terrible case of the Mange. While he was quickly rushed by wonderful people to the emergency room, you can imagine the puppy medical bills start piling up. These incredible people took Walter in when they had no obligation to him whatsoever. They've found him a wonderful home for after he recovers and he's continually surrounded by kind hearted people. I made a donation to help save Walter. It wasn't much but every penny counts! You can help out if you choose! CLICK HERE to read Walter's story and CLICK HERE if you'd like to donate on his behalf. (The good news is that the Vets belief Walter should make a full recovery and be able to lead a healthy, active, normal life!)

I guess the reason I feel so strongly about this is because it hits so close to home. We took in a little Bichon Frise named Bert when I was a little bitty kid who had been thrown from a window. I had him for 13 wonderful years and he was my best friend. All he needed was that second chance. Even if you can't help in monetary form, head over to HELP SAVE WALTER and leave something kind. Help spread the word, too!

My sweet little Bert... (painting by Silje)

And a few more photos of the adorable little Walter.

Help give Walter his second chance!


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