Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

1. Sweet Mama & Baby animals. This is too precious.

2. Macros. Always my favorite.

3. PANDAS! Especially a Panda on a rocking horse! You can't tell me this doesn't melt your heart!

4. This cat tshirt. Where can I buy it?!

5. Gremlins!

6. Underwater photography of my most favorite animals. OCEANS hit theaters today. I wish Mike wasn't working so late and we'd catch the last showing. Definitely happening this week though!

7. Unicorns. In any shape, form, or fashion.

8. The most adorable nautical nails!

9. Kelly Osbourne! She can do no wrong! She looks absolutely smashing! And I LOVE the Flintstones dress! Those lace gloves with that pearly pink dress! Oh my stars!

10. Brilliant shark sleeve.

and last, but most certainly not least...

11. PENPALS! I received a glorious package in the mail from Hannah J. the other day, as well sa a lovely card from Sarah! I love love love having penpals, whether they're little packages or lovely letters, and whether we're 80 miles away or 8,000! Does anyone else want to be penpals?! You can never have too many! I'll be leaving for NYC in just a month, but until then, I'd be happy to penpal from Nashville, and then I can supply you with my NYC address!

If you're interested in being my penpal, just email me ( or send away!

Kaelah Bee
PO Box 682705
Franklin, TN 37068

I really hope some of y'all will write me! :D

♥ (all images courtesy of weheartit) ♥

What are YOU loving this week?!

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