Monday, April 19, 2010

Throwaway Camera #5 & Split Cam

This first set of photos are from our new Split Cam (via Some of the shots turned out really really cool. Click HERE to see the rest of the set. They're (almost) all double exposures, so it's been really fun trying out new things to overlay on top of the existing image on the film strip. Trial & Error. The camera itself is only $25, so it's a steal! And you can use any 35mm film, so if you can swing a few bucks, drop by Lomography and pick one up! They're so fun! :D

The rest of these are from a cheapo FujiFilm disposable camera (35mm, 400 speed film, $4 at walmart). You can see the rest of this set HERE.

(I look like THE most unorganized person here... my crafty/art station is a wreck... BUT! I will have it all back to looking pretty the first week school is out (in 2 weeks!) so that I can be super productive before I ship off to NYC :D)

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