Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introductory Post

Hello there! I'm Kaelah and even though most of you know, I figured it was time to make a little introductory post for all of my new followers! Bare with me here because I haven't written an "about me" in quite some time! Okay... Well I'm Kaelah Beauregarde, a twenty-two year old (I'm an Aries!) female living in the wonderful state of Tennessee (Franklin/Nashville). I live in New York City in the summer as I am an art intern at BUST magazine. I'm currently a senior at O'More College of Design, studying graphic design, and I will graduate in December 2010. I live with my amazing boyfriend, Mike (click here to follow his blog!), in a little blue house in downtown Franklin and we have an adorably fat English Bulldog named Georgia. Mike has a 16 month old son named Toby that I cherish with all my heart. He's the most charming fella around. I'm an only child and my mom is by far my biggest inspiration. She's amazing. I'm a bartender at a little karaoke bar on the weekends and I've been bartending for 4 years. I wear dresses every single day and it's quite unusual to see me in pants or jeans. I've got bright red hair that you could spot from a mile away (but I'm sure you've already noticed). I'm a vegetarian, but hope to dive back into the vegan pool in NYC, as I only gave it 6 months last time. Sharks are my all-time favorite animal. My life goal is to swim with a Great White. I'm also a huge fan of cephalopods (octopus, squid, etc). I get incredibly nerdy for Shark Week every year (I even have it on DVD!) After graduation in December, I plan on moving back to my hometown for a few months as we save up to venture up north providing I can snag a design job in NYC. However, I see my future with kids and a white picket fence in a downtown area of a quaint town in South Carolina or Georgia. I have plans to open my own independent retail store and eventually a bakery. All the while I wish I had gone to school for Marine Biology. :P

Some of the things I'm passionate about include: tattoos (obviously) and body modification, dresses, sweet tea and lemonade, my bicycle, disposable cameras, road trips, penpals, making new friends, living life to the absolute fullest, being optimistic, sewing, crafty things, sharks, cephalopods, twinkle lights, hammocks, cherry blossoms in the spring, any sort of furry animal, anything with a floral pattern (my friends think I'm the tacky floral lady), lace, and antiques.

I think that about covers most of it, but if you want to ask me anything specifically, feel free to CLICK HERE and ask me via my FormSpring. I'll answer there so keep it bookmarked! Thanks for reading and thanks for following :) If you ever want to email me for any reason... just to say hello or anything of the sort, feel free to send me a message to kaelahbee(at)gmail(dot)com!

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