Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wilmington Roadtrip: A Photo Journey

Finally! I'm starting to catch up on my posts and I can finally subject y'all to a million iPhone photos of our roadtrip! Granted we've been back from said trip almost a week now, between all of the NYC and Levi's shenanigans, I'm only starting to feel less stressed. I'm sure work this weekend didn't help! More on that later! I'll post several photos and then coordinating captions under them. Then a few more and so on. If you have a slow internet connection then you should probably just skip this post all together! It's going to be all sorts of ridiculous!

oo1. part of the 14 hour drive. oo2. i fell asleep for an hour and a half, and mike proceeded to drive the wrong direction the entire time. oo3. our classy establishment. oo4. getting ready to grab some dinner. oo5. our choice of thursday's meal. pizza and beer.

oo1. breakfast of a mocha and blueberry muffin at port city java downtown. oo2. lunch at susannah's aunt's restaurant. oo3. walking on the beach oo4. mike taking photographs oo5. pretty pretty beach houses in kure beach.

oo1. brew thru! a drive-thru beer shop just for novelty. oo2. pretty beach homes in kure beach. oo3. inappropriately dressed for the beach. oo3. an incredibly strange souvenir. oo4. fishing pier.

oo1. pier. oo2. from the brew thru. oo3. mine and susannah's drinks. ~*getting loko. oo4. key fence public art installation downtown. oo5. my favorite artwork downtown.

oo1. same eldeman "zoe" boots in edge of urge (must buy!) oo2. bento box dinner from nikki's sushi. oo3. fork free friday! oo4. left our waitress a sticker. oo5. little dipper for fondue dessert.

oo1. pretty pretty drinks at mixito oo2. the opera room (upstairs) quickly became our favorite bar. oo3. chris & susannah have never had waffle house so it was a *must* for saturday morning. oo4. snagged this dress at a consignment shop but i need to shorten the torso. oo5. mike and i were fueled for the day! 

oo1. the river downtown. oo2. tongue in the panties at the opera room. oo3. what i wore to dinner with susannah's family at blue water (a few hours before mike proposed!). oo4. sunday lunch at nikki's (again!) and my bento. oo5. mike's sushi.

oo1. sunday's breakfast at java dog cafe (i'm all out of order!) oo2. rain rain rain. oo3. we may be obsessed. oo4. sitting at the italian market cafe on front street. oo5. italian gelato (actually, raspberry and lemon sorbetto)

oo1. random love left in a cafe. oo2. homestyle tofu lunch at the noodle shop in asheville. oo3. genghis grill mongolian stirfry for dinner in franklin. oo4. chris and his corn-cob pipe from a convenience store on the drive home. 

Overall we had a blast! So glad Susannah and Chris came along! It wouldn't have been the same without them! Now I'm tired again. Phew! xo

PS; Almost all of these photos were edited in the iPhone app, Cross Process.

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