Monday, March 28, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

The past week hasn't been too condusive to updating the blog or doing anything fun and exciting. I'm still battling the pericoronitis and I missed both nights of work this past weekend due to it. It has not be fun to be laid up on the couch, ibuprofen pumping through me, and missing out on a whole week's worth of pay. Frustration station! I'm still in a bit of pain but I've taken all of my antibiotics and this morning I learned that antibiotics and coffee do not mix well on an empty stomach! Yeesh! Mike and I are about to head to Nashville for the day to look at a few rental properties including a factory-converted-loft. He's been applying to a bunch of places to snag a new job so hopefully the universe will come together and something good will happen!

Until then, I'm leaving you with some iPhone photos (mainly of the pups) from the past week or so. Nothing too exciting, but I promise I'll have something fabulous for you shortly! xo

If you've ever been curious, well, now you know! I am indeed that creepy lady with a million pictures of her dogs on her phone. Yikes. But c'mon... aren't they precious?!

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