Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Better late than never! (I mean, it's only 3pm, but still!) Check out this week's fresh crop of all things radical and fantastical (yeah, I said 'fantastical').

♥ this graphic! muppets = angry birds?! ♥

this pretty pretty picture. ♥

♥ this incredible looking breakfast! yum! ♥

this dress! (via danihampton & susannahbean) ♥

♥ this picture of bret & jemaine! ♥
*how many times has flight of the conchords made my tilt list?! love them!*

♥ this google search. they always crack me up. ♥

♥ these! fierce. ♥

♥ this interesting depiction of tumblr users. (what's your take?) ♥

♥ this pup. georgia's soul mate?!?! ♥

this dress! (via emmawho) ♥

this interesting ad campaign.. uhm... ♥
(yes, tattoo an ecko logo on yourself to get 20% off for life. wow..)

What are you loving this week?

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