Sunday, March 6, 2011

Future Safari Space Hunter

This outfit is what I wore out and about on Friday night with everyone. Cue remembering yesterday's post with a recap of fondue, sushi, drinks, etc. I think I'll do an iPhone photo dump of the trip here shortly! That way I can share pictures of things we didn't have a legit camera for. Anyway, these are my new "space boots" as Mike so affectionately refers to them. I asked on Twitter a few weeks ago if anyone had any favorite shoe websites. Someone suggested UrbanOg so I went for it! (Sorry I can't recall *exactly* who said it! But thank you!). I was amazed at their prices! (Again, this isn't affiliated or sponsored, just my honest opinion!) I scrolled through tons of wedges that just weren't my style, and then I saw these bad boys. My heart leapt or something! I had to have them! For roughly $25 I was willing to experiment.

I've noticed that since getting really into shoes, I tend to gravitate towards the seemingly unlikely kind. Giant wedges, platforms, buckles, prints! I like a loud shoe. Maybe that's just my personality!

They were delivered rather quickly and it took me a couple of weeks to even know what to pair them with. I attempted a full black skirted dress, black cardigan, black tights, black handbag... then BOOM! A punch of colorful print at the feet. Well... it didn't work. It looked awful! I felt defeated but I was determined to find something that these shoes worked with. Then I remembered this dress. I probably would've opted for black tights, but I was already wearing the maroon ones from earlier in the night and I bought a new purse so I just rolled with it. I have to admit, I really like it. It's different, but it's fun. I received a lot of compliments on them as we were out and about.

Anyway! This dress is an old Wet Seal dress that I've had for years! The tights are HUE, and the cardigan of course is Target. The belt is an old Forever 21 find. I'm amazed at how much I still wear all of my old clothes. It's fun to get excited about things that already exist in your wardrobe!

Last night we met up with Susannah's family at a fancy-schmancy restaurant on the river. It was really nice. Her family is so sweet and we didn't feel awkward (which I always do!). Afterwards we opted to head downtown and walk around, finding some new bars. We ended up at our local favorite, The Opera Room. The bartender was so friendly and we had him making drinks he had never heard of. Susannah and I had some of the best conversation ever, as did Chris and Mike. I'm so excited that they came with us because they are such stellar people. We love them so much!

We set out for a Hookah bar around 1:30am and realized that nothing would be open for more than 20 minutes or so, so we walked around the Riverfront and saw the most gorgeous area of Bradford Pear trees full with white blooms and twinklelights everywhere. It was a magical area of town, that's for sure!

We came back to our hotel and said our goodnights. Got a restful sleep and here we are! We're about to head out for brunch and see where our last day in Wilmington takes us! I hope your weekend has been stellar! 

Dress: Wet Seal
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Wedges: UrbanOg

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