Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Sweet Beach?

The week has finally come! We're headed to North Carolina on Thursday morning! Tomorrow Susannah and Chris will drive down from Chicago and we'll wake up bright and early to head 12 hours east in search for Wilmington and the beach! I'd be lying if I said I didn't constantly peruse PadMapper and Craigslist for little homes available in Wilmington. As nice as it would be to live in a pastel colored beach house in the Carolina/Kure Beach area, my sights have been set on the downtown Wilmington area around the RiverWalk. The feel of downtown is so much like Franklin, but less stuffy. The coffee shops, the boutiques, and the cobblestone streets lining the river of the Port City are truly beautiful. The houses in the area are eerily similar to the East Nashville area and there are many bungalows and single family homes with cute little picket fences, porch swings and rocking chairs. Yes, I am in the "decorate every home I stumble across in my imagination" phase! I know we won't be moving for half a year or more, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing on the daily about home decor. Retro throwback black and white tile kitchen floors, or pastel tile, shabby chic decorations or modern furniture. Pinterest has really be blowing my mind with the constant stream of inspiration. I don't know which direction to go! I guess that will fully depend on the home we move into. I've been trying to avoid apartments at all cost. I'd rather rent a small home with a fenced in backyard so the girls can play at their leisure rather than toting all of our furniture up flights of stairs and dealing with noisy neighbors. I've felt spoiled the last couple of years by living in houses and townhomes. Apartment living is the worst, in my opinion! Plus they always want to take your money! I can't wait to get to Wilmington because I know the whole time we're there I will be scouring the neighborhoods for the best areas to live and what's close to what! It must be a nice neighborhood within walking distance to shops and restaurants and an area to ride our bikes and preferably close to a park! Even better if it's within walking distance to a dog park! Our pups miss their daily outings to the park so I can't wait until they can exercise in a fun way again!

♥ (all images via pinterest) ♥

I keep thinking about color combinations and prints and patterns. I've been scouring thrift shops both online and off trying to find the perfect dining table and chairs to reupholster and paint. So I have a question for you!

What is your favorite way to decorate? Are you a shabby chic, lots of white gal? Ruffles and lace? Do you prefer to thrift most things and make them new again? Or does mid-century modern furniture fill your mind? Are you a contemporary/modern/futuristic person? Does collected "clutter" (for the lack of a better term!) such as knick knacks give your home character or do you prefer to have it all stowed away and keep everything simple? I want to know! Inspire me!

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