Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break thus far...

“You are always living the life you create. If your life does not feel right, create something better.”

The air outside is magical. Spring is right around the corner (this weekend!) and I'm at my peak (emotionally speaking). I feel like we all somehow suffer the blows of seasonal depression in one way or another. Granted, I've never been outright depressed or anything, but my mood definitely takes a dive when the weather gets cold, dark and gloomy. (I know, I know, Seratonin and what not. Thanks sunshine!) It makes me want to jump on my bicycle and go for a picnic or fly a kite.

Anyway, We headed back north on Tuesday afternoon. We stopped by to see my dear ol' Nana and then we were Franklin bound. We stopped at our house long enough to get Georgia settled in, and then we were back in the car. We decided to go to Opry Mills (I can't help it! The mall is my #1 go-to when I get bored or restless! eep!). I did well... I only bought 1 dress, 1 shirt, 1 cardigan and 2 huge hair flower accessories. Huzzah! Afterwards we headed back to Franklin, grabbed a yummy dinner at Garcia's, and then we headed over to see "She's Out Of My League"... Oh my stars it was HILARIOUS! I so so so so so very recommend it to everyone! We didn't expect it to be that good but every minute was a stir! We will definitely be getting that one on DVD, thats for sure. Afterwards we went on a man-hunt for Dexter season 2. We didn't feel like paying $35 to buy it so we called Blockbusters all around and finally found it in Brentwood. We came home and watched a few episodes (I think I watched 4, and Mike attempted to watch 6... I was sleepy haha).

We woke up yesterday and we had no clue what we were going to get into. We ran some errands, I mailed some packages (Emily & Ashley, get ready!) and we came home for lunch. Not long after lunch we decided to watch MORE Dexter haha We got restless after a while and we went for ice cream at ColdStone Creamery and then we ran over to PetsMart to pet the kitties. We came back home and I took a shower while he made dinner (vegan sloppy joes! haha). We ate and then settled back in on the couch like a couple of lazybones and watched the rest of season 2. We watched the entire season in 24 hours.... man alive! That show is so so good haha

Today we woke up and we've just been casually poking around the house. Mike took care of some business over the phone and I mopped the bathroom. What a glamourous life! I put on a dress and a new cardigan, and I think we might go ride bikes or something. I have to help my friend Merissa at some point today. I just want to get out and enjoy this gorgeous air!

Happy Thursday y'all! Hope you had a fun St. Patty's Day! Speaking of which, yesterday was exactly 3 months sober! Not a sip of alcohol! (I never had a drinking problem or anything... I never even really liked alcohol... But it was another one of those things I just did to better myself and I'm so happy that I did!) I feel healthier, too. :)

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