Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's play catchup...

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday... I've come down with a crazy sickness that stemmed outta nowhere. Waking up with a killer sore throat and a headache from Hell... Yesterday I sucked it up and headed over to campus for my Portfolio class. Sometimes that class just infuriates me. At least yesterday was tolerable. I got some feedback on an album design I'm doing (which is due tomorrow... and I'm nowhere near done) and then Mike picked me up and we went to Goodlettsville so I could get tattooed by Jason.

Here are some interesting pictures...

I don't understand why she sits this way...

All of my classes at school are tiny. Like literally 7 people or less. That's the amazing thing of an itsy bitsy private art school.

The VisCom building... we get treated like the red-headed step children of O'More... yes, I'm aware that I'm actually a redhead.

This is Abbey Leix Mansion... aka the Administration building. Isn't it gorgeous? The whole darn campus is ridiculously haunted. It's awesome and creepy at the same time.

This would be the library. The old VisCom department was upstairs for my first 3 years at O'More... it's literally only 3 tiny classrooms. Which is equivalent to what we have now... except one extra bathroom haha.

The tattoo session got cut short (we were going to shoot for a longggg one) by some unforeseen happenings. We dilly-dallied around town for a bit and headed over to the Rivergate Mall... I'm not sure if anyone that reads my blog has ever BEEN to the Rivergate Mall, but it was quite possibly the most ghetto place I've ever stepped foot in. Half the place was run down and torn to bits. We did manage to find a Wet Seal though. It was surprisingly nice... I managed to pick up two awesome new dresses and then we headed home. By the time we finished the 45 minute drive, Mike was feeling woozy and sick. I could barely talk because my tonsils had swollen so big. We got inside. got into our pajamas, he ran me a hot bath (that I could only stand for about 3 minutes) and we laid on the couch to watch a movie. I took some Nyquil and it knocked me outttttt. I was out for 12 hours. I woke up at 10am in a dizzy state. I had to push through it though, I had a lot to do today. I managed to get to campus way early to try and talk to Shari (Academic Dean) about my classes if I were to get the BME Internship (luckily everything is now 100% Systems A GO! Sweet!) and then I headed over to the Student Government meeting to work out the budget for the cocktail party. At 1pm I had Print Design 2 so all 7 of us huddled at our table and did a creative brainstorming session for the headlines of a high-end real estate piece we're designing.

After school, Mike drove me 20 miles to Sweet CeCe's in Belle Meade because they had Pomegranate Raspberry sorbet and the local one down the street didn't. It's my absolute fave! I piled it high with kiwi, strawberry, and pineapple! So delicious! We came home and that's when the drama started to unfold...

Adam is attempting to sell the Macbook computer he stole from me on Craigslist... for $500. I called my mom immediately. She told me to contact him and tell him if he didn't send it back by 5pm tomorrow, she's suing. She was dead serious too. My mom is such a sweet, little woman... you rarely see her with a super serious or angered tone in her voice... oh buddy, but when she gets fired up, you best take cover. I passed on the information and all of his responses were very coy and "sweet"... aka full of bullcrap. I called the police and they came over for a bit just to help me sort things out. Then I contacted an attorney that I've been speaking with about the whole matter. Wish me luck! That computer WILL be retrieved! I told him to send my stuff with it, too. Let's see if he cooperates.

I spent a bit of today editing my final intern assignment for BME. I don't speak at all in the video because I barely have a voice. When I'm audible I just sound like an old lady who has been smoking for too long. I sent everything in though, so now all I do is wait. Patiently. Man it's hard! The videos and blogs go live on ModBlog at midnight Thursday PST!

Oh, someone on formspring asked for progress photos of my arm... here they are. My little octopus looks like he has leprosy. But worry not! The magenta will fade and we'll go over the whole thing with orange. I'm excited. My arm feels like it has a constant charlie-horse though. Bleh!

Now I'm going to settle into my couch, get cozy, and work on this album art for a bit (until the wee hours of the AM) while Mike plays Grand Theft Auto... then I'm getting in bed and I'm gonna snooze until I've got about 15 minutes to make it to class. haha No care ever.


EDIT: I felt the need to come back to this post... I guess I just wanted to share something... No matter how many crappy people try to ruin my day or rain on my parade, or screw me over... I am so incredibly, genuinely happy right now. Everything is amazing. I may despise the fact I only have until March 25th to write a ridiculously long paper over Andy Warhol, and the fact that I work has been slow... but nothing compares to how happy the awesome people in my life make me. Honestly. Everything is A+ and I'm so grateful for every single person that has contributed. That means all of YOU, as well. So thank you! Give yourselves a big pat on the ol' back for me, would ya? ;)

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