Friday, October 9, 2009

PHOTOS! galore.

my baby G is just so stinking cute! ugh i'm like an overprotective mother who takes a million and seven pictures of her haha oh well. i bought her a hot dog costume for halloween but sadly its too big. i need to go exchange it. obviously by the photos she liked to chase her "tail" and try to bite down on the hot dog. i dont think she's a big fan of it. but she looks SO FREAKING ADORABLE! in other news, this is my outfit today. like my unkempt hair? yeah. ugh. the dress/pink ruffle shirt combo is what i wore yesterday (thursday). i love that dress. i've had it for years, hooray for goodwill! same with the boots too! the cardigan/black ruffle shirt combo is what i'm currently wearing. it shall be my ensemble for work. haha i dress so ridiculous to work in such a redneck bar. hmm. feel free to ask if you want to know where anything is from.

its easy to see that fashion/style is the only aspect of my life that i'm not at all shy about. everything else? i'm a coward. i wish i could get the guts to talk to a boy if i like him haha. ugh.


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