Saturday, October 24, 2009

mixtape! double whammy!

i had an overwhelmingly awesome response from my first mixtape i posted (the one i made for adam, titled "you were made for me...") so i decided to do a few more! i currently have 3 done, but i only have the album art done for 2 of them so ill go ahead and post these. some of these songs are a little bit older but they're all zipped up conveniently in ONE zip file! yay! so now you dont have to download each song individually! it'd be cool if you could comment if you take them, as i have them hosted on my sendspace account, but it's whatever! enjoy!

(click on the title to download!)

(click on the title to download!)
** disclaimer: apparently the bob dylan song needs a password, MY BAD, Y'ALL! ill try to fix it asap <3

enjoy! xo

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