Monday, October 26, 2009

longggggg day.

hey y'allllll! ;)

so amazingly i woke up at 7:30am this morning and was totally unable to go back to sleep. i mean i was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed so i poked around, showered, went about my daily rituals and took my sweet time. i went to campus about 10am even though i dont have class until 1. i have a big advertising campaign due tomorrow and if you follow me on twitter you'll know that i HATE advertising. even though i got an ~"award" for the last project, i despise it. i do NOT want to do advertising ever ever ever! but i had to get through this project and luckily theres only one more for the semester! yesterday i spent time at panera working on it and a new concept came to me. so i ran with it. i did 2 roughs of the concept [its for Happy Tales Humane which is a No-Kill Animal Shelter here in Franklin] and i emailed my professor. i went with the one i liked the look of best and did the entire campaign, minus my tv commercial. well of course i'd get an email this morning from my professor telling me he loved the other one ha. so i had to do an entire campaign around it. but it all worked out because now i have 2 badass campaigns and even if he doesnt let me present both, i will get some mega super extra cred. HOLLA! anyway, i spent 13 hours on campus today... working on advertising. to the point i havent even started on a massive project due thursday and another due on monday. FML!

it'll all work out though. i'll slave away over the next 5 weeks and then i'm going to bask in the glory that is my 5 week christmas vacation. can't come soon enough! tonight it was me, elle, joanna & ashlea and we turned up the music really loud (brace yourself for this... our playlist included: spice girls, enrique iglesias, nelly furtado, kanye west, whitney houston, chamillionaire, etc etc etc) it was epic. we were belting it out, dancing around. so so so much fun. slaving over projects should not be that fun but we all agreed we need to throw a follow up 80's Prom like we had 3 years ago. it was a huge success but this one will be even better!

The Masquerade Ball is on thursday. exciting! i need to make my mask. we're throwing a mask decorating party tomorrow (we really love to throw parties... can't you tell?!) and i'm goign to be an owl! duh! what else would i be aside from a shark?! haha thats if i can get all the stuff to make it in time. i think it will match the dress i wanna wear but we'll see! i bought tonnnnsss of shiny tulle today. im going to get some more fabric and sew some dresses as soon as i get a spare minute. i'll post them if they turn out decent.

right now i'm bummin' it in my hoodie and shorts. i look homeless haha but i dont care. tomorrow is another long day. classes from 9-6:30 so i'll be on campus no later than 8. lordy lordy! if my campaigns go over well i'll show you guys :D i'm pretty happy with them.

this is long and i doubt anyone reads long boring personal entries like this so i'll just say seeeee yaaaaa!


ps; my background on my mac changes every 15 minutes... it switches between two pictures. these are the pictures. how fucking fierce is that?! such contrast. i love it.

typically mine is wayyy more cluttered.

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