Monday, October 12, 2009

baby Amillia

my friend Katie tweeted about this earlier and it just completely took over my heart. it's the story of amillia taylor, the world's most premature baby. she was born october 24th, 2006 at only 21 weeks gestation. that might be slight german to some of you but take into consideration that abortion is still completely and total legal at this stage of gestation... i'm iffy on the matter and a little unsure where i stand, though i'm 110% completely against partial-birth abortion. i do think women should have the right to choose but i can say whole-heartedly that i would never be able to have an abortion myself. i know women who have gone through it and some managed to stay sane while others didnt. but this story brought tears to my eyes and made me really reconsider. take a moment to check out the story and watch the video. i truly believe baby Amillia was put here for a great reason. she's such a blessing and a miracle baby, too. and she's turning 3 years old at the end of the month! all in God's work. amazing.

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