Saturday, October 24, 2009

first things first....

this is my pissed off face.

okay for a little small small update!

+ i changed the blog header. once more. going by my ~myspace name. i know, cliche, whatever.

+ tweaked the CSS coding to make the page 200 pixels wider. do you like it or hate it? i prefer a wider page... but i AM working on a 17" widescreen macbook pro soooo it may be too wide for someone with a smaller resolution. (the main writing area is now 580px as opposed to 430..) do you like it thinner or wider?

+ tweaked the colors in the layout. finally. the header now matches the background. long overdue.

+ getting irritated because some girl went and took "little chief honeybee" on every single social networking site... oh, and to top it off she THEN went and added my boyfriend on twitter. WTF? i know you read this, little girl. i know you're lurking the shit. stop it. so annoying.

+ "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" ORLY?! no. no it's not.

+ i probably shouldn't get so worked up about it but i'm just really irritated at a bunch of my shit making it's way around the circle of the internet but every single person that is using it is claiming it as their own. pictures are one thing (and a creepy thing at that) but when you have the gall to jack someone's about me (as trivial as it may seem) or something, thats just lame. you can jack all the intellectual property you want, but you can't have my boyfriend :)

+ pardon my language, but dear girl, kindly go fuck yourself.

+ its saturday. its a work day. i'm tired. i'm grumpy. it's cold.


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