Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Etsy Update!

Since all of my Etsy inventory was ruined thanks to the flood, and Georgia has to have her third eye surgery (this time it's a double-eye surgery!), I've decided to craft my way through it :) I've made some floral rose barrettes, brooches and headbands, along with lace bows and things of that nature. I've priced them all very modestly (at least I think so) so hopefully some people would be interested in buying some. Georgia's surgery is not going to be cheap, so 100% of the proceeds will go directly to that. Her vet appointment is tomorrow so we will schedule it then and find out the damage. The most important thing to me is that she's happy and healthy.

Her surgery is due to the fact her eyelids are rolling in as she grows, thus causing her hair to scratch her corneas. This happens to a lot of dogs so I'm sure the surgery will go smoothly.

I will be taking my craft supplies with me to NYC so I'll be able to keep up with it while there as well. Any and all support would be more than amazing. She's my little sweet pea so this is all for her. I hope you enjoy the update!

There are 30 new items to choose from. I am happy to do custom orders, both in quantity and look. Any fabric you see can be paired with any other for a double or triple headband, as well as any kind of brooch and barrette.

CLICK HERE to see my Etsy. :)


PS; Karlie is selling some of her clothes. Check out her stuff and see if you're interested!

PPS; Thanks for the sweet responses to my video tutorial! A lot of people have asked me to make more videos so please suggest things you'd like to see! I'm bad at coming up with stuff. Someone in my FormSpring asked me to do a relationship advice/positivity video, so if you have anything you'd like to ask or add, please leave it in a comment below or head over to my FormSpring! Feel free to suggest anything! xoxo

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