Saturday, May 29, 2010

Georgia Update!

* Please note, the Donate button has been removed because it makes me far too uncomfortable. I'm not worried about the anonymous opinions or anything like that, but I don't feel comfortable posting that anymore. I appreciate the folks that asked for the button to begin with, and I appreciate anyone who has supported our ventures in any way. I'll gladly make you anything from my Etsy, but I cannot leave the button up any longer. Mike and I had a huge conversation about this and how it just makes me feel weird. He has urged me to do what I feel comfortable with, and we both believe that was to remove the button and to 100% do something to "earn" any contribution. Thank you for understanding.

I took Ashley's suggestion and made a little earnings thermometer so everyone can know where we stand on Sweet Baby G's surgery. Also, Ashley sent me such a wonderful email and she's made me cry all morning (in a good way!). She is also a graphic designer and she does some dog tags at It's a website which allows local Asheville artists to design dog tags and receive $1 of each dog tag sold. She has offered to donate her earnings to Georgia's surgery until June 12th! How incredible is that?!?! And you just have to see her little tag! It's a shark! So I cried AGAIN! I'm a big emotional mess! CLICK HERE to read her post and pop over and give her blog a follow! It's seriously such a good read (and I've only been following since this morning!)

Even if sharks aren't your thing, she has a HUGE selection of adorable tags she designed herself up for grabs so CLICK HERE to see her DogTagArt page! She even made a little button for G, too! So if you'd like to post this on your page or anything, feel free! (Ashley, I rehosted so it didn't drag down your bandwidth!)

HUGE Thanks to these wonderful people for blogging about the cause!

And HUGE thanks also goes out to these people for posting the button on their blog!

I know I'm missing a lot of people but if you have blogged or tweeted or anything of the sort, please leave a link to your page below and I'd be so so so unbelievably happy to spread the word!

I really wish I could just meet every single one of you and just hug hug hug you until I'm blue in the face! This means so much to me. You have no idea! ♥


PS; I've already received one nasty comment in my FormSpring related to this and I'm just here to clear the air: I will not, under any circumstances, post anything breeding drama into my FormSpring... that's not what it's there for. It's there for people to genuinely ask something they may be curious about, but never for someone to be rude, ignorant, or ridiculous. I also refused to post something where someone shared personal financial information that I should have never made available to anyone, and even though it wasn't a rude comment or anything, just a question, I didn't post it because I don't want that out there again. It only brought drama. I no longer have a paying job, and I won't for the next three months because of my internship in NYC. My future is much more important to me than a job bartending. Mike and I have a roof over our heads and we're not in any sort of crazy financial distress, but thanks to FEMA denying me any assistance with the fact we lost everything, an extra $1100 for Georgia's surgery isn't the easiest thing to come by, especially since I have to support myself in NYC... rent, transportation, food, etc and she needs the surgery in the next week or two. I am comfortable with my financial standing for NYC because of what I've saved thus far. I have budgeted out an allotted amount per day and if necessary, money will come out of that to cover Georgia's surgery. Georgia WILL have her surgery NO MATTER WHAT. Even if I never sold the first Etsy item and never posted the button. She will have it because she's in pain from her entropion eyelids. If it means I take a PB&J sandwich to work everyday, I will. Mike and I will make sure she is NOT in pain. We will do what we have to do. I'm not scared about that. And the only reason I've made this such a big deal is because of the overwhelming support I've received from every single one of you. It's amazing! The fact y'all reached out to me and WANTED to help blew me away. Now in response to someone claiming I'm "begging"... that's far from the truth. I'm offering handmade goods and only posted the donate button because more than one person asked for a way to contribute without having to buy anything (which I have since deleted). I am doing nothing wrong. From here on out, regardless of anything said, I will not be allowing any negativity into my FormSpring. You're not going to bring me down simply because you think it's okay to be anonymous and say things. If you want to troll my blog and FormSpring, feel free. If you want to hate me, feel free. But don't get too offended when I don't give a hoot. The reason this whole "donate" thing makes me so uncomfortable is because I feel like no matter what, I'll have people to be accountable to, and I've never had that before. So what I ask is that you go through my Etsy and purchase something, as opposed to donating (I do custom orders, too), because at least I can do something to "work" for it. If you'd rather go the donating route, I appreciate it, believe me, the fact that someone wants to help Georgia is amazing, I won't deny you of that, But I'd rather do something to earn it. Now, that is all I have to say about that. For now. ♥

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