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FormStack Questions

It's been a hot minute since I've done an actual FormSpring (which is NOW FormStack?) post on, since about 6 months ago they came out with the snazzy FormSpring.Me accounts. However I did the anonymous survey and so many of your replied, thank you! Most of you buzzed over to my FormSpring.Me account to ask questions but I did still get a few on the surveys, so I'm going to answer them here! CLICK HERE if you want to take the anonymous survey, or CLICK HERE if you'd like to see my FormSpring.Me page :)

Onward to the questions and answers!

1. I want to major in fashion merch. but I'm not positive where I'll be living at (my fiance is in the Marine Corps), and let's face it...certain states do not suit the life of a fashion merch major. Should I do it anyways, or should I try to pick another major?
That is the truth! Dependent on what part of Fashion Merchandising you're looking to get into, there are opportunities in the most hum-drum of states! Working for a large retailer like Macy's or Dillard's may not seem like the dream life to some people, but hey, it's a job and someone's gotta do it! As someone who started their college career as a Fashion Merchandising (and Design) major, the first thing I stress is make sure this is what you REALLY want to do with your life! It only took me 12 months of education to hate it so much I switched (to graphic design, which I love!) I'm not sure what sort of towns they assign marines to, but have you thought about working your way up to your own online store? You could stock things and be a fashion buyer, and sell them online, regardless of your location! But in the same regard, be aware of the economy. I thought I was fine getting into a creative degree in 2006, but 2010 shows a much dimmer light at the end of the tunnel, ya know? It's nothing that can't be overcome though! Just exhaust all opportunities and options! At the end of the day, you need to do what makes YOU happy. :)

2. Do you have any blogging tips? I'm just starting a new blog over at and I'm really excited for this project. You're really experienced and have ran your blog for some time now! Infact your dedication is a big inspiration.
Well thank ya! As far as tips go for starting out... I found it really really helpful to make myself a "blogging schedule" that I tried to stick to, just to get me in the habit of updating every day and giving my readers something to expect and to check back for (for instance, if someone loved tattoos, they knew to check back on Tuesdays for my Tattoo Tuesday posts!). Also, only blog about things that REALLY matter to you! I see bloggers make this mistake all the time (I've done it too!). Blogging about things simply for the sake of blogging or writing about something that doesn't truly interest you just to get a new style or reader. Your audience will be able to tell if you're being sincere or fake. Just keep your readers and your blog's reputation in the forefront of your mind. Good luck! :D

3. How are things going in the housing situation since the flood? I live in southeast Texas and have been hit by many hurricanes so I know the stress the brings.
They're okay. It's rough living with my parents after being gone out on my own for 4 years. They let us come and go as we please, so it's not like they're imposing strict rules on us. It's just the sharing of the house and all three dogs running around and the fact we're in a town with the smallest WalMart in the country! We miss being able to go out on our date nights and being 2 minutes from a movie theater and wonderful food. It's humbling though. It's probably what we needed. My parents have been so gracious to open their home to us and we couldn't be more grateful. It's helping us save money, so that's good! :) I have a feeling when we move back to Franklin into our own place in August, we're going to really see the toll it took on our belongings when we don't have anything in our place :P But I still consider us so so lucky and I've met so many wonderful strangers who have became friends because of it.

4. What is your biggest beauty secret?
This is a tough one... but in reality, Extra Virgin Olive Oil! I have really dry skin and even the best moisturizers don't help. I dab it on my face with a cotton ball every once in a while (once is sufficient for like 2 weeks) and I also use it on my hair when it feels dried out from dying it so much. A little goes such a long way and I think it's a wonderful wonderful home-remedy for a lot of beauty bummers! Give it a try!

5. The only thing I'd want to ask is can we be penpals? And I'm trying to start up my own blog but I'm having trouble getting the hang of it, tips?
Part one: Absolutely! I love having new penpals and I've been so good at responding quickly since I have nothing to do during the day! Just send away! (I'll be receiving mail here for the next 3 weeks. Anything received here after that will be forwarded to me by Mike, but I will post my NYC address once I arrive!)

Kaelah Bee
649 Thomas Avenue
Hohenwald, TN 38462

and Part two! I just answered it up above! Hope that helps!

6. What kind of dye do you use? I love your hair colour.
Thanks! I use L'Oreal Excellence "For Dark Hair Only" line in Red Fire with 30 or 40 volume developer! You buy them separately at Sally Beauty Supply. :)

7. I know you've explained several times on how you stay positive but how did you make the initial change? I've tried multiple times to think positive things but I always fall back into my pessimistic ways.
This is a tough one to answer. I didn't really have a specific *iconic* moment that shifted my attitude or anything like that, but I think riding the negative people from my life helped SIGNIFICANTLY! I dumped Adam and I think that was what really pushed me in the new direction. I took notice that I deserved better from people and I wasn't giving up, but I wasn't dealing with their crap anymore. I stopped talking to certain "friends" and I just stopped focusing on the negative things in life. If someone cut me off in traffic, I chalked it up to maybe they're rushing to the hospital for someone or something. I tried to give people the benefit of the doubt; Even the ones who didn't deserve it. What good is it going to do me in the long-run to get ticked off because someone cut me off on the highway? I just write things off. So what if someone doesn't like me? Chances are likely that they don't really like ANYONE so I shouldn't feel too special... but I probably wouldn't like them either. Another thing to write off. It's a constant battle. Sometimes I let out a snide remark or something and I'll instantly regret it. So I retract it and try to act better. We all slip up... the point isn't to be perfect or overly bubbly all of the time. The point is to make a conscious effort to live a more positive lifestyle. Not only for you, but for people around you. :)

8. Do you and Mike want to get married?
Eventually, absolutely! I can picture every single little detail of our southern wedding. However, we're not going to rush into anything because in light of recent events, we're not exactly in the most ideal financial situation. :) All in due time! It's definitely something I don't want to rush or cheapen. I can't wait to throw a wonderful party for a wonderful reason with all of my wonderful family and friends! :D

9. Have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color, like pink or something?
I have not. The most unnatural color I've ever had is what my hair is currently. But I assure you, that is not for lack of desire. I've always wanted to do a soft soft cotton candy pink but the simple truth is that my natural hair color is much much muchhhh too dark (it's almost black) and I refuse to put bleach on my hair. So red it shall stay, until/unless I decide dark dark brunette it is once more :)

10. What is a way(s) to let someone go to whom you call a first love? I don't have any friends, very little family and currently not employed so it's very difficult to keep my mind off of guilt, and the endless heartache. If this question isn't answered, it's not a problem it's just nice to get this off my chest. I understand the saying "you never forget your first love" and I don't want to forget, even if getting over my first love isn't an option, just so it seems a little easier.
I don't think you should ever "just forget". A first love is something so so so special to each individual and you associate so much to that one person. This will be the person you forever compare others to. No need to feel guilty. They always say "you grieve at the level you loved" and believe me, it's so true. If you truly loved him, it's going to take some time. Nothing about it is going to be easy, so don't expect it to be. But it's NOT impossible! So far from it! You don't have to have countless friends to get your mind off of him... what you need to do is acknowledge those feelings, and then move forward. Watch sappy movies and listen to sappy music if you need to (I know it may seem counterproductive... but in reality, it really really helped me.) But at the end of the day, you can't let one bad experience ruin it for you for the rest of your life (or ruin it for someone who could [and will] sweep you off of your feet!) Accept responsibility for your part of the relationship and vow to learn from any mistakes you made. (If you ever feel like talking, you can always email me!)

Okay, so that's that! If you want to submit your own question or take the survey, just CLICK HERE :) or, if you want to throw your advice or opinions to these curious ladies, have a go in the comment section! I'm just one girl, and my opinions are totally biased, so if you've got some goods to share whether its a sweet beauty tip or how to mend a broken heart, share with us!


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