Friday, May 28, 2010

Georgia's Surgery & Thursday.

Yesterday was a busy busy day. On so many levels. Mike had the day off but he had to go into work for an hour or two for a meeting... That's a little hard when you live 80 miles away. Well luckily Georgia had a vet appointment so I dropped him off at work while I took her to the doctor. The vet checked up on her and ran test after test after test, trying to figure out why she was losing so much hair on her flanks. (After all the tests and medications, a friend Kelley on Twitter told me that her bully did the same thing and it was from the stress of moving) I'd love to believe it's from stress because it doesn't seem to bother her at all, but I'm not so sure just yet. She was tested for ringworm, mange mites, etc etc etc. At the end of the day, she got two new injections, 2 new medications she has to take every day, a prescription shampoo, and fatty acid supplements to go into her food. Phew! And there was a hefty bill attached to it, as per usual.

I love Georgia more than life itself and this is why I stress to people who want an English Bully to trulyyyy research and make sure they can handle the monetary and medical commitment that they require. I wouldn't trade her for the world. After 2 hours at the vet, I picked up Mike and we ran errands and all that jazz. Then we came home.

Well, on the way home I called to check my FEMA application status... Much to my dismay, FEMA has found me "ineligible for assistance"... WHAT?! You can imagine how upset I got. I started crying immediately. And I didn't stop for well over an hour. Both Mike and I called trying to get answers, but everyone at FEMA was SO rude to us. It's just heartbreaking that I file, go to the inspection, try and provide photos of everything I lost, etc, and I'm somehow ineligible. Yet my roommates received assistance, and I lost SO much more. Anyway, I don't mean to be selfish or anything like that. I just thought that MAYBE I'd be able to get some help from FEMA, but life goes on.

I have to figure out when we can get Georgia to the vet to have her entropion surgery. We're leaving early Friday morning to start our travels to NYC and the soonest they can do her surgery is on Thursday... but we'd have to have her at the vet at 7:30am and that's an hour and a half away... PLUS we'd have to go pick her up that evening... 340 miles of driving the day before I move? I'm not sure we can do it. Plus, we're looking at $1,100 for her surgery. She has to have it though, so she will. We'll make it happen.

I started up my Etsy again and 100% of the earning of that goes directly to Georgia's surgery. Unfortunately, it's just not adding up yet. Obviously haha But I'm confident that all will be fine. Susannah sent me an email the other day and suggested I open up a Donate button from my PayPal to help support Georgia's surgery, for anyone who wanted to donate, but not buy from Etsy. Normally I am very very very wary of this... Mainly because I don't want to ask anyone for anything. I didn't do it in the wake of the flood, and even now I feel out of my element. But she assured me that many other bloggers have done it to support endeavors like Silje competing in the Miss Tattoo USA pageant, etc. I've blogged about things like this in past, including the Help Save Walter post just last month. Both Mike and I donated and felt so good about it. However, I have decided to no longer do the donate button, for it's causing too much commotion and it's leaving me very very VERY uncomfortable.
Georgia says thank you, too. This is her happy face.

Also, I just wanted to take a quick second to say how incredibly grateful I am for every single one of you readers. 100% serious. I need a mushy-gushy moment here! The incredible support I've received from y'all this past month has been the most unbelievable experience. While I feel overlooked via FEMA and such, I feel so blessed to call y'all friends. I've received letters, emails, comments, packages, and the support of my Etsy for the sake of Georgia, and I wish I could meet absolutely every single one of you and hug you all! I find so much solace in talking to my blog readers and getting to know all of y'all. Please, never hesitate to email me or be a penpal. Everything ever sent to me is proudly displayed on my board... even little cards and letters and drawings. If you ever need help supporting a project or special fund, venture, or charity, please share it with me and I'd be happy to share it with my readers. You are all SO special to me. Okay, I think I'm done being ooey-gooey-and-emotional now. ♥


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