Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Recap, So far!

Yesterday I woke up at my parent's house after sleeping in and spent the day with my mom. We just hung out and all that jazz, nothing too exciting really. I slept in, took a shower, ran some errands with mom and then I managed to take a 2 hour nap in the big cozy chair in her living room. Talk about lazy! I caught up on some blogs and got ready for work. (And definitely accidentally saw what my parents got me for christmas. oops!) I Headed to see mom at work for a few minutes and then off to work I went! The bar was slammed when I got there, which was surprising. We stayed slammed ALL NIGHT LONG. We sold SO much beer, and we had to stock every last one back at the end of the night. The night was draggggging but I made decent money for the time so all was well. Several small bar fights broke out and by the time it was 5 til 2 I turned on the lights, counted down my register and tried stocking and cleaning as fast as I could. I drove back t0 my parents' house, got baby G in bed with me and hit the hay. Woke up at a quarter til 10 (hey 6 hours of sleep!) and mom had made a big breakfast. Ate, sat around for about half an hour watching HGTV and then I loaded G up in the car and headed an hour and a half north to my house. I met Merissa, Caitlin and Tiffany at Sweet CeCe's for frozen yogurt at 1:30pm and after chit chatting for an hour I headed to JoAnn to buy fabric. Mom called while I was there and said they were in town for Christmas shopping so they came by the house for a bit. Then I sat here for about an hour. So Unproductive!! Eep! Then Mom called AGAIN to tell me to meet them at Red Lobster for dinner. So i obliged, and i just got back home. I need to leave for work in 20 minutes and I haven't showered, gotten dressed, done my hair or makeup. Meh. I hope work is busy and I make good money, but I really just hope it flies by :D Hope you're all having a great Saturday! Stay warm!

Here's a silly picture of baby G on the ride home today.. Just so it isn't text only!

Oh oh oh and I got a new Juicy Charm for my charm bracelet! eeep! My little World Traveler suitcase! My lighthouse (to match my tattoo) and my turkey should be here any day now!


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