Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

WOOOHOOO! back on a regular blog schedule, i do hope! i'm making mike promise to help keep me motivated so i update at least once a day like i promised i would. he's also supposed to be helping me reign in my spending but we definitely went to the mall today (however, i only bought 1 adorable pair of bright red suede-esque heels! only $10! win!). now we're sitting at panera where we enjoyed an awesome bowl of soup and we're thinking about heading to my parents' house. anyway, here are the things that i'm loving this week!

1. my sweet fat baby G! she's getting oh so big! she's probably almost 60 pounds! she'll celebrate her 7 month-birthday (does that exist?!) on christmas eve! so excited to have her first christmas this year! man oh man i can't wait to wrap her presents! also, peep my new curtains behind us! bought them at World Market with Mike earlier this week and they're awesome! they're a bit too long so I may need to go trade them in but i do love them so!

2. Having my picture from Seventeen on someone's mirror/room as "inspiration"! so so incredibly flattering! a lovely girl sent this to me on MySpace this week. sorry if its a bit narcissistic but its flattering nonetheless! thanks lady!
3. this is what i aspire to. i won't be the cat lady... no... i'll be the SHARK LADY!

4. Brilliant tattoo work found via!

5. CUTEST picture ever! found via!

6. shark macros!

7. RUBY, the clothing line, out of New Zealand. Mainly this gorgeous light pink coat! *swoon!*

8. a vespa with a sidecar! get in my life!

9. Wedding & Engagement photography by Clayton Austin! I LOVE that his URL is Clayton Austin Love Stories! Brilliant! go take a peek!

10. CUTEST WEDDING TOPPERS EVER! and I especially love the bunting in the back that says LOVE IS SWEET!

what are YOU loving this week?!

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