Friday, December 11, 2009

juicy couture charm bracelet!

so after much lusting after my very own Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet, i finally broke down and purchased the bracelet and my first charm today while Mike and I were at Green Hills Mall perusing the shops. i was oh so very proud of myself for walking out of Betsey Johnson with nothing in tow, so i then rewarded myself with a little jewelry splurge. maybe i'm behind on the trend, and maybe it's long gone, but i dont care. i've always had a strong distaste for all things Juicy in the past, but the charm bracelet has finally won me over! The bracelet itself was only $42 or something, but the first charm I bought, the Polaroid charm, was a whoppin $58. well worth it though! it even has a picture of marie antoinette that pops out! swoon! Mike kept asking which other charms i liked and proceeded to tell me i ruined his Christmas surprise. oops! i'm oh so very excited and i've definitely become obsessed!

i really really reallyyyy want the first three in gold. does anyone know if they make them in gold even?!

other charms that my heart is lusting after:

i now realize that theres basically and entire underground world of charm trading and collecting and all that jazz! man oh man! its like the beanie baby hype all over again! haha do any of you collect juicy charms?! but i suppose a better question would be: do any of you have any Juicy charms you'd be willing to part ways with?! i'd be happy to buy them or trade you something or whatever! :D

maybe i'm a silly girl for getting so excited but i'm just in love okay! :P :P :P

heres what my bracelet looks like so far:

yay! love love love!


EDIT: okay so i definitely just broke down & bought this bad boy online! eeeek! it'll be here next week! yay! (and it was totally on sale on the JC website for $39! win!)

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