Thursday, December 3, 2009


literally. i feel like it. its 4:21am and i'm in a 75lb bean bag in a classroom on campus. tonight was so much fun, but i've accomplished nothing in the way of homework and i'm beginning to get worn down. tomorrow i have to wake up, come try to have josh explain my mess of a css file to me, fix it, rush to the frist museum downtown, BS a paper about it, cram cram CRAM for my art history final friday morning at 8:30am, hopefully MAYBE get some sleep after class if at all possible?!? then work, then spend all weekend rotating between flash website, web 2 website & work.

i may break down.
i think i already hve.
i wont be around.
i say that so much.

i literally feel nauseous.
going home to get a couple hours sleep maybe.
im tempted to not leave this bean bag.

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