Monday, December 21, 2009


and the winner is....

Here's what you'll be receiving!
+ Keep Calm And Carry On journal
+ Multi-color Sequin beret
+ 3 large Belly Button tattoos (weird, right?!)
+ One White Oversize Bow Headband
+ One Gold Metal Chain-Link Headband
+ One Vintage Silver Wild Cat Brooch
+ One Hello Kitty Hologram Spiral Mini-Notebook
+ One Hello Kitty Ribbon Reporter Notepad
+ One Japanese-inspired Character Pencil Holder

So ladyfriend, shoot me an email over at kaelahbee (at) gmail (dot) com and gimmie your mailing address so i can ship this out to you in the morning! hopefully it will make it before christmas (but i'm worried it wont). either way, hurry it up, girlllfrannn! :D

thanks for playing everyone! i've gotten such good reviews and such in the formspring about the giveaways so i'll keep giving stuff away as long as you'll keep entering! i'm thinking a Starbucks giftcard is a must for the next one!


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